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In the monograph for the month of July GOURMET THE VANGUARD, the specialized food section of the Barcelona newspaper, echoes the second anniversary of Llàgrimes del Canigó. The report reflects the evolution of the brand: from the maintenance of olive farms to the creation of new products such as extra olive oil, onion and apple jams.

Surprise the GOURMET with a pack of oils and jams from Llàgrimes del Canigó, which are complemented with (1) small sardines in olive oil from ANXOVES DE L'ESCALA; (2) “Llavors” white wine from LA VINYETA; (3) assortment of premium ESPIGA BLANCA breads; (4) TRIAS teules; and (5) a ripened cheese “Menut” from LA VINYETA. The pack costs 44 Euros (although it is valued at 74 Euros!).

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