Argudell Extra Virgin Olive Oil: What makes it so special?

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Olive oil is closely related to the Mediterranean diet and Spain. Not surprisingly, our country is one of the main producers worldwide. Therefore, today we are going to talk about a very special oil, the Argudell del Empordà extra virgin olive oil.

Empordà, a wine and oil region known throughout the world

And the fact is that the Empordà region not only stands out in wines, but also in oils, many of them, awarded in competitions around the world. This is due to the character and climate of the region located in Girona, in Catalonia.

This land is marked by the climate and its geographical situation (it borders France to the north and the Mediterranean to the east), which is transmitted in the products and food grown in the area.

The region is made up of the regions of Pla de l'Estany and Gironés, together with the baix and the alt Empordà, its official name as reflected in the various Denominations of Origin for both wine and oil that exist.

Another unofficial term that is also used is the low and high Ampurdán. The quality and characteristics of this land are transmitted to the olive oil and wine cultivation processes.

The famous north wind is very common in the area and can sometimes reach speeds of over 100 km per hour. The wind is a fundamental factor in the process of making wine and also oil.

This is due to the fact that the north wind helps to prevent the appearance of mold and pests to a great extent, which facilitates organic farming. Undoubtedly, an aspect that greatly influences the different varieties of olive oil that are produced in the area.

And it is that although historically the Empordà is known for the production of wines, especially rosés, it also markets and produces an olive oil of great quality and recognition.

Not only in Spain, but also abroad. In fact, two of the varieties grown there are Argudell flavored virgin olive oil and Syrah grape vinegar, two products that fit perfectly into Mediterranean cuisine.

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Argudell del Empordà extra virgin olive oil: characteristics and varieties

In the Alt Empordà there are centenary olive trees that produce different varieties of olive. These three varieties of native olive trees in the area are the following:

  • Verdial or Llei de Cadaqués.
  • Argudell.
  • Corivell.
  • Arbequina. (Recently incorporated at the end of the XNUMXth century, it is not considered native to the Empordà).

The cultivation of the area has been going on for centuries, proof of this is the existence of the wild plant known as acebuche or wild olive tree indicates the knowledge of the plant and how the olive groves have expanded.

The archaeological remains discovered in the region show the presence of an industry dedicated to wine and oil since before Roman times.

Protected Designation of Origin Empordà

For this reason and to protect the extra virgin olive oil of the Empordà, the PDO (Denominació d'Origen Protegida Oli de l'Empordà,) was created in 2008 which covers five municipalities of Girona as well as Alt and Baix Empordà and three municipalities from the Pla de l'Estany.

This Protected Designation of Origin certification is similar to the DOs of products such as wine that corroborate the good work and work of farmers in the area. This quality seal is certified by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Of the three species of olive tree named above, argudell is the most abundant and the one that is most cultivated due to the good results it gives for the production of oil thanks to its adaptation to the harsh climatic and orographic conditions of the Empordà area.

And it is an olive tree adapted to the poor soils that are cultivated in mountains dominated by the strong north wind winds.

Finally, comment that the presence of Corivell olive trees is lower than the other two varieties. In fact, their number is residual, while the verdial has more quantity although there are not as many olive trees as those of argudell.

The variety of verdial olive tree from Empordà is the second most cultivated although it does not reach the level of argudell. Comment that a couple of decades ago another variety was incorporated, the Arbequina.

The Empordà oil has a clean and transparent presence to the eye. Its aroma and flavor recall the presence of plants such as fennel, almond and anise. Both Argudell and Corivell are neither too bitter nor too sweet and have the perfect balance of complex flavors.

In addition, both are very palatable and have a fruity touch with sensations of almonds, artichokes and walnuts.

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EVOO or extra virgin olive oil argudell del Empordà

Comment that the EVOO or argudell extra virgin olive oil from Empordà has several varieties. Among them are the following own varieties:

  • Argudell del Empordà extra virgin olive oil. Also known as argudell variety oil.
  • EVOO from Alt Empordà or Alto Ampurdán. Extra virgin olive oil from Alto Empordà.
  • Argudell flavored EVOO. With the presence of aromas of almond and anise.

In short, the privileged combination of geography and weather together with the cold north wind known as the Tramontana makes the olive oil grown in the area have such a special and marked character that the oil from Empordà is considered one of the best oils. olive from Spain.

We hope we have discovered a couple of secrets and things that you may not even know about this very special argudell extra virgin olive oil from Empordà.

Creds: Delicatessen Club