Llàgrimes del Canigó it is born between the olive groves of Alt Empordà, with the Mediterranean breeze and the water of the Pyrenees. We create flavored extra virgin olive oil of different varieties, which bottle emotions to season all your dishes. Its production is completely handmade, from the tree to the plate, delicately manufactured to preserve its aromas and properties.

We make our oil with olives of the Argudell variety, native to the Alt Empordà area (Girona). Cold extraction brings an exquisite flavor to each drop of our extra virgin olive oil, intensifying its most authentic flavor.

llagrimes del canigo argudell virgin olive oil

Llàgrimes del Canigó is the name that gives rise to a very special extra virgin olive oil. Special for the variety of olives with which it is produced: Argudell. An autochthonous variety from the Alt Empordà area, Girona, highly prized for its elegance and finesse.

Special because it is precisely in this area of ​​the Mediterranean coast where this variety of olive finds the optimal edaphoclimatic conditions for its perfect development. The breeze from the Mediterranean and the famous Tramontana experienced by homeowners are two of the secrets for this Argudell olive oil to have such a special flavor. It is also special for its elaboration, since the obtaining of olive oil is totally handmade: from the olive from the tree to the bottle, manufacturing each step with delicacy to preserve all its aromas and properties. Cold extracted to provide an exquisite flavor, intensifying its most authentic flavor. And as if that were not enough, this special oil is flavored with leaves, plants, fruit skins, mushrooms and spices.

Two young entrepreneurs do it: Xavi and Jesús, architect and lawyer by profession. Lovers of gastronomy and nature. Dedicated to the maintenance and care of olive trees, the production and collection of olives and extraction of olive oil.

To date, there are 6 recipes that have been launched on the market: laurel and eucalyptus (in honor of the aromas of the Mediterranean), lemon and fennel (to color the flavor of the fish), thyme (to return home with just trying one drop), chilli, garlic and peppers (to finish licking the plate), orange and cinnamon (to eliminate the butter in pastry recipes) and boletus (return to autumn and with it to your most precious mushrooms).

flavored olive oil llagrimes del canigo