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CANIGOOIL is the result of an exciting project undertaken by two young individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic. A lawyer and a graphic designer, combining their talents and passions, decided to leverage the family structure of Trull d'Agullana to create unique infused olive oil recipes and achieve exquisite flavors. This vision gave birth to the brand Llàgrimes del Canigó.

The project focuses on craftsmanship, local sourcing, and the Empordà, a beautiful region in northeastern Spain. By primarily working with a native olive variety with very limited production, they have managed to create a young brand with great ambition and dedication to the product. Their main goal is to bring the spirit of Empordà and Costa Brava to each of their bottles and share it with the world.

The key to CANIGOOIL's success lies in the careful selection of olives and other raw materials used in the production of their olive oils. These olives are harvested in the Sierra de l'Albera, in Alt Empordà, where the young entrepreneurs have established close relationships with local farmers who share their passion for quality and sustainability.

Each variety of infused olive oil from Llàgrimes del Canigó is the result of a meticulous process of experimentation and refinement. By using natural, high-quality ingredients such as native aromatic herbs, fresh fruits, and selected spices, they have managed to create unique flavor combinations that enhance the character of the olive oil without overshadowing it.

The Llàgrimes del Canigó brand represents the soul of CANIGOOIL, referring to the sacred mountain of Empordà, the Canigó. Each bottle of infused olive oil carries the essence of this region, capturing the passion and delicacy with which it has been created.

CANIGOOIL not only aims to satisfy the most discerning palates but also to promote responsible and sustainable consumption. The company is committed to minimizing its environmental impact by using environmentally friendly practices throughout the production and packaging process.

As CANIGOOIL continues to grow, the young entrepreneurs have a vision to expand their reach and bring the Llàgrimes del Canigó brand to the world. Their goal is to become a benchmark in the infused olive oil industry, offering high-quality products and conveying the cultural and culinary richness of Empordà through every drop of their exquisite oils.

CANIGOOIL is the result of the passion, perseverance, and entrepreneurial spirit of two young individuals during challenging times. Their dedication to craftsmanship, local sourcing, and excellence has given rise to a promising company that seeks to bring the essence of Empordà and Costa Brava to everyone.