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Auream Picual - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,5L

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Immerse yourself in the tempting flavors of our Auream Picual, a remarkable extra virgin olive oil made from the exceptional Picual variety grown in the picturesque Empordà region. Unlike its more traditional counterpart grown in southern Spain, our Auream Picual exhibits a unique and captivating profile, offering softer yet rounded tasting notes that will take you on an extraordinary culinary journey.

Obtained from our olive groves located in the charming region of Serra de l'Albera, specifically in Agullana. The olives used in its production are meticulously hand-picked at their optimum point of ripeness, guaranteeing the preservation of their delicate flavors and nutritional properties.

Auream Picual olive oil seduces with its vibrant golden hue and captivating aroma, evoking freshly cut grass and ripe fruit. Savoring its smooth and balanced texture, you will be fascinated by the complexity of flavors that unfold on your palate. Notes of artichoke and green almonds harmonize with hints of tomato leaf, creating a truly unique and unforgettable taste experience.

This exceptional extra virgin olive oil is the perfect companion to enhance your culinary creations. Whether drizzled over garden-fresh salads, used as a finishing touch on grilled vegetables, or paired with crusty bread for a delectable experience, Auream Picual elevates every dish to new heights. Its robust character and full body complement both traditional Mediterranean recipes and innovative and contemporary cuisine.

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