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Our brand is proud to work with the exquisite variety of Argudell oil, an autochthonous jewel of the Costa Brava (Empordà) that has captivated the palates of gastronomy lovers around the world. This variety of oil, recognized for its unmatched quality and flavor, has been appreciated and praised by internationally renowned chefs, including the talented Roca and Ferran Adrià brothers.

Argudell oil is the result of a careful selection of olives grown in the sunny meadows bathed by the sea breeze of the beautiful Costa Brava. Its distinctive flavor is characterized by its smoothness and balance, with fruity notes and a slight touch of spiciness that make it a unique sensory experience.

At our brand, we always seek excellence in each product we offer. That's why we're passionate about collaborating with the great chefs of local gastronomy, who share our passion for authentic flavors and innovative culinary techniques. Working hand in hand with these master chefs, we explore new ways of combining Argudell olive oil in creative and delicious recipes, to bring the most demanding palates an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Our collaboration with the Roca brothers and other renowned chefs allows us not only to offer exceptional quality products, but also to share their experience and culinary knowledge with our customers. We are proud to be a part of this culinary community, where a passion for cooking meets tradition and innovation.

Every drop of our Argudell oil contains centuries of history, dedication and love for the land and culinary art. With every bottle we deliver, we hope to pass on that passion and make every meal a memorable experience.