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En Llàgrimes del Canigó, we keep alive the tradition and quality of the Trull d'Agullana by pressing our exceptional extra virgin olive oil. Our history goes back generations, beginning with our grandfather, who already pressed oil in his farmhouse using an old stone mill. It is a family legacy that we are proud to uphold and pass on through every bottle we produce.

We are passionate about preserving traditional methods at every stage of our oil production process. From the meticulous care of the olive trees to the delicate pressing, each step is carried out with the utmost respect for the ancestral techniques that have been passed down to us.

Our olive trees, carefully cultivated, are treated with dedication and love. We follow sustainable agricultural practices that guarantee the health and vitality of the trees, allowing the olives to grow in a natural environment free of harmful chemicals. This meticulous attention ensures that each fruit is in its maximum splendor and contributes the unique characteristics that distinguish the Trull d'Agullana and its olive oils. Llàgrimes del Canigó.

The pressing of the oil used to be done using a stone mill, just like our grandfather did. Now we use mechanical methods that allow us to better preserve the flavor and quality of the oil. Every drop of oil obtained is a testament to the dedication and care we put into keeping our tradition alive.

In short, our brand is proud to maintain the tradition and quality of the Trull d'Agullana in the production of our extra virgin olive oil. Following in the footsteps of our grandfather, we take care of every aspect of the process, from the cultivation of the olive trees to the pressing of the oil. It is through this dedication and respect for ancestral practices that we guarantee the excellence and distinctive flavor of our oil.