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Our oil is truly special because it comes from the olive trees of the Empordà, a magical land with exceptional climatic conditions. Located to the north of the province of Girona, between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean coast, this region stands out for its natural beauty and its influence on world gastronomy.

The olives used for our oil are grown in fields located in the picturesque villages of Agullana, Capmany and Cantallops, in the Alt Empordà. These places have been blessed with a privileged Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and warm summers, providing ideal conditions for the growth and ripening of olives.

But the Empordà not only stands out for its exceptional weather conditions. This region has been a source of inspiration for renowned chefs and has given rise to a unique culinary influence in the world of gastronomy. Iconic figures such as Ferran Adrià, Paco Pérez and the Roca Brothers have left their mark on the Empordà, creating innovative culinary techniques and fusing traditional flavors with new creative proposals.

The rich diversity of ingredients and flavors of the Empordà is reflected in our olive oil. Each drop captures the essence of this magical region and transports palates on an exceptional gastronomic journey. The olive trees grown in these lands transmit the nuances of the soil, the sun and the Mediterranean breeze, offering a unique and distinctive flavor profile.

In addition, the landscape of the Empordà is a true visual spectacle. Its stunning views spanning from the Mediterranean Sea to the Pyrenees Mountains, with its rolling hills covered in olive trees, vineyards and green fields, create an idyllic setting for the cultivation of our olives.